How to take preventive measures against Covid-19 phishing emails?

Nowadays we are listening to the news related to Coronavirus surrounding all across the globe. And this has been creating new danger phishing attacks that are looking forward to exploiting the people’s fears about the deadliest virus. In this article, we will learn how these cybercriminal attacks work that claim to be from authentic organizations such as WHO with relevant information related to Covid-19 virus.

This phishing email might ask you to open a suspicious email attachment to check the latest statistics of the epidemic disease. And if you tap on the attachment or the embedded link, then you are downloading malicious software on your device without your knowledge on your device. This malicious software allows cybercriminals to control your computer and access valuable information including your financial data. We recommend you to download Norton antivirus.

How to look for Covid-19 phishing emails?

The coronavirus phishing emails can take different forms that have CDC alerts. The Cybercriminals sent the phishing emails that look exactly from the govt authorities of the U.S. This faulty email claims to link with the coronavirus cases in the area. It is an advice to go through the cases for safety hazards in the phishing email reads.

Phishing emails include the Health advice: The scammers send the emails that offer the medical advice that will help you to protect the Covid-19 virus attacks. Moreover, the email claims to be from medical organizations from China and known health organizations. We advise you not to click on the link that is attached to such suspicious emails.

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Organizational policy emails: Cyber scammers have aimed at the employee’s email accounts. If you click on the fake policy implemented by the company then accidentally you are downloading the malicious software. The Norton antivirus software recommends you not to consider such fake emails.

How to avoid Cyber scammers and fake advertisements?

The hackers know well how and when to pinch down the people’s sentiments and emotions. They post ads that claim to offer medical treatment from the coronavirus. Moreover, the ads even try to create a sense of urgency and prompt you to make a purchase as soon as possible. There can be many things to happen if you respond to such ads. Firstly, you unexpectedly download malware on your device. Secondly, you purchase such fake products online and you do not receive anything. You have personal information that you keep on a stake with such attacks. It is better to avoid phishing email attacks by downloading Norton antivirus.

Some of the tips to recognize and avoid Fake emails

There are some of the ways to stay alert and avoid covid-19 scamming emails. These types of emails normally lure the people to become victims and then attack the personal information of the people to commit fraud or perform identity theft. In addition to this, there are some preventive measures that you can take, some of them are as follows:

  • Stay alert about the online requests to access your personal information.
  • Check the authenticity of the email or link you have received.
  • Look out for spelling or grammatical errors.
  • In the content search for the generic greetings.
  • Avoid the anonymous emails that prompt you to act now.

Where can you find authentic and legal information about Covid-19?

Norton prompts you to understand that it’s a smart decision to opt for reliable sources for the epidemic disease Coronavirus. It further elaborates that it is important to get information only from government offices and health care agencies. You can opt for the World Health Organization website which provides the relevant information that includes how to protect yourself, traveling advice and other preventive measures.

In a conclusive viewpoint: 

It is a recommendation to visit the authentic and legal websites that only have corrective information and measures related to the Coronavirus attack. If you furthermore receive any suspicious and anonymous email that claims to be from some legal organization then you have to check certain things to see whether the email is genuine or not. We also recommend you to download Norton antivirus to block such phishing emails.