Cyber scammers using Corona virus to amplify malware risk

According to many security pieces of research, it is clear that cyber scammers or hackers are using the terror of Corona virus widespread. This is just to spread the advanced malware known as “Emotet” via sending anonymous emails. The experts to this matter said that the hackers are taking undue advantage of the virus attack and sending spam and useful emails to the vulnerable victims. To the ever-increasing vulnerabilities of virus attacks, one should take protective measures like installing Norton Antivirus.

Many of the tech reporters said that the mails mimic themselves as the govt. authorized emails along with the valid details such as addresses, phone numbers, and the email id. It further claims that the corona virus has spread its infection in the country and in next to no time it is going to create a situation of turmoil. Moreover, this govt. The website asks the receiver to tap and open the attached word file to know to get the in-depth insights of the Corona virus attacks.

What is the mechanism of “Emotet” malware?

The moment the receiver opens the attached file or emails it automatically activates a series of commands that will result in downloading the Emotet malware. Once the malware is automatically installed on your device, it will allow the cyber scammers to hack, breach and steal the most confidential and sensitive information which can be used to invite ransomware hits. To block such virus attacks you need to stay prompt and install Norton antivirus.

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Cybercriminals using Corona virus to frighten up the users

According to the researchers, there were more attempts of spreading the Emotet malware disguised in the face of Coronavirus in order to get the attention of the people and tempt users to open the files and share them too. The Cyber fraudulent attach .mp4, .pdf and .docx files in the emails that comprise relevant information about the CoronaVirus.

At the moment, there are ten unique files like this that have been found. According to the researchers, activities like these prompt more hackers and this will result in a rapid increase in the number of hackers breaching your device.

The World Health Organization’s point of view

Although the World Health Organization has declared the Corona virus outbreak as mere care of global health concern, that is why all the health officials are trying to provide relevant information about the same. The hackers are now using this infectious outbreak as an opportunity to attack the people by taking advantage of infection fear that is spread over CoronaVirus. Moreover, this online platform helps people to stay informed about the Corona virus in detail.

In a conclusive viewpoint: 

These malware hits can be as dangerous as Corona virus attacks. So, one needs to stay aware of the attacks. Likewise, you take preventive measures against Coronavirus, the same way you should understand the need of your computer to safeguard it from the virus hits. It is a piece of advice that you should download and install Norton antivirus from its official website. Stay aware, stay protected!!