How to defend our digital privacy and security from Cyber threats?

A strong defense is relevant to preserve the peace of mind. It requires great dedication and precision to bring every piece of technology under the protection of Antivirus platforms.

Due to the rising influence of security programs, tech addicts are exploring every possible mean to grab their equal share of innovative products for safeguarding their online interests. However, no matter how hard you try to brush the threats under the carpet by using the means of innovation, make no mistake, online threats are more than just viruses and malware.

It’s just a hoax among tech addicts that they are safe from possible dangers of data theft, frauds, and the most fearsome, “Ransomware”. Sneaking in someone’s private life is a terrible crime, but in the digital world, it has become a trend.

What Norton products can offer to protect mobile devices from online threats?

From personal videos, images, and documents to bank details, email credentials, all the way to profit outcomes, business deals, and official data, everything is available on a cloud network. So people can share and store valuable data on the cloud without having any fears of losing the device. Unfortunately, Cybercriminals have discovered several loopholes to infiltrate your devices by using the same cloud network.

To prevent them from having access to your device, you need a strong device-to-cloud security program to thwart any such attempt. Norton is a high-end time-tested security program for users to wipe out Cyber threats and data theft from their life.

When it comes on the latest technologies, nothing lasts forever, as innovative techs are more prone to Cyber attacks. Norton has secured a reputation among its followers for unfolding the true power of antivirus security. There is no doubt that Norton is considered the most preferred security platform for millions of tech users across the planet.

Key points to consider before you subscribe to Norton products:

  • One top solution to safeguard your mobile data
  • 360-degree protection against all possible online threats including viruses, spyware, malware, etc.
  • A guaranteed solution to maintain your privacy, despite the device you use to connect with friends and families
  • Blocks risky websites and infected files
  • Lets you deploy protection on multiple devices
  • Easily locates lost or stolen smartphones and tablets
  • Helps you to monitor your kid’ online activities

6 Key features to protect your smart phones and tablets from malware threats

Mobile Device Support

You can deploy the Norton security on multiple devices including Android as well as iPhones and iPad.

Mobile Insight

Norton antivirus automatically scans the downloaded apps and app updates to check for anything malicious and if detected, asks you remove the app.

Remote Locate

The feature helps you to detect the lost Smartphone. It gives an exact location with pinpoint accuracy on the Google map.

Lost Notice

The feature allows sending a message on your lost phone, so that if anyone found it may help you to get it back.

Sneak Peek

The feature lets you command your phone to use its front camera and take a picture of whoever using it after you lost it.

Scream Alarm

The feature lets you make your phone scream louder, so you may find its exact location.

In a nutshell

Mobile devices are very sensitive to online threats because there are hundreds of models available in the market. People are moving toward digital channels with new technologies and mobile devices are not excluded from this. We need more robust and trustworthy security platform to ensure a safe browsing experience for all of us. Norton has provided us the means to explore the vast universe of the internet independently without having any fears of Cyber threats or data loss.

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