Building a defensive shield against those malicious codes

We all know that QR codes have become a very effective and efficient technique when we have to scan and get information or it helps in performing online transactions. The QR code is a high-tech versatile coding that is used when you face the camera of your smartphone on the code and retrieve the information attached to it. By this, you can scan and decode the message within the QR code frame.

The mechanism behind the QR codes

There are many cases in which the decoded message in the QR code can be a web link. Hence, the QR code will save your time and efforts to write down a web address or other information. All you need is a QR reader app and you are free from writing a website or phone number. Sometimes you find the QR codes on the billboards and the kiosks. Once the user scans the code it reaches to a web site of the product or payment website. There can be codes to scan the random prize gift, so just have to scan the boxed code.

How do cyber scammers misuse QR codes?

Mostly the scanning apps know the fact that any decoded message is a link that will direct you to a website. It will save you from the hassle of typing the address again and again. The cybercriminals have discovered that they can misuse the QR codes to infect a smartphone with malicious contents and then they will trick you into random phishing sites or steal the information directly from the device.

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For a cyber scammer, it is easy to encode a malicious address into a format of QR code. They make apt use of free encoding tools that are found on the internet; they print it on the paper or mail it to you. Since it is pretty difficult to detect the QR code scams, hence the victims who scan the code will only get to know once they have scanned the code.

How to stay secured from the malicious QR codes?

You can be secured while scanning the QR codes. There are many vendors who are aware of the possibility of having malicious QR codes and in return, you have to take measures to prevent the users from becoming mere victims.

With the help of Norton Snap, you can overcome this issue. For those who do not know what Norton QR code scanner is? It is a readily available code scanner that is available for iPhone as well as Android phones. Once Norton Snap scans a code the code is visible for preview to the end-user. And once the users get clear information about the authenticity of the website then he or she can proceed to explore the website according to the wish. Moreover, Norton checks the QR code for the database of malicious links.

Enable the QR code

Before you install the QR reader app on your smartphones, you need to cross-check to see the security features that are offered by the specific app. Make sure this will allow the inspection of the decoded text before you scan the actual code. If it doesn’t give you permission then finds one that does.

In the end

Finally, we suggest you scrutinize the QR code and check if they are stickers or not. There are some websites that do contain the QR code; the majority of them are found authentic in the real world. Before you scan any QR code that you find, just feel it to make sure that it’s not just a fake sticker that is placed over the read code. If you find it suspicious then report it to the one who owns a business or stall where you found it. We also suggest you download the Norton Snap app to avoid any further glitches.