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There are many people using devices for internet surfing, chatting, online shopping and socializing. Therefore, it has become mandatory to have an antivirus installed on your device in order to safeguard your data and device from viruses, malware, and other malicious activities. You can access your Norton account to purchase the desired Norton products. You can have these products from www.norton.com/setup

Norton Antivirus gives you opportunity to download the free trial version of every security product before you make up your mind to purchase the paid version.

However, in order to safeguard your online interests against cyber threats and hackers waiting outside of your digital realm for a chance to get access in your device, you must rely on Norton Security i.e. easily accessible via norton.com/setup

various features Norton Account

It could get expensive to subscribe to Norton products and keep it running to a whole year, but what you will get in return is ten times more valuable than what you pay for. Norton is best option for households, employees, working professionals, freelancers to help secure their network and devices connect to it.

By keeping all that in mind, Norton security is designed to prevent unethical activities taking place in your device and keeps the influence of viruses and malware at bay.

For complete 360 degree comprehensive protection against such threats, you are recommended to abandon the use of free trial versions of Norton security and subscribe a product that matches your security needs by visiting www.norton.com/setup by typing the same in the search bar.

Important: – It is necessary to continue with the Norton Security Subscription for uninterrupted security services. There is lot more to be discussed in this article. Explore the topics given below:-

Why is it necessary to continue with Norton Antivirus subscription?

Tech experts invests a lot of time, efforts and money in order to safeguard their online information including email credentials, business assets, bank details, images, documents, and business reports, against the growing terror of cybercrimes. Ransomeware is the worst of all cyber threats.

Norton provides you the solution to ensure online security anytime, anywhere. Deploy Norton security on your internet connected devices via Norton.com/Setup and enjoy a safe browsing experience without having fears of anyone spying on you.

Also, make sure to have Automatic renewal services and Automatic updates services enabled to ensure uninterrupted online security for the entire year without getting you involved in the process. For more details on Norton deployment, please visit the site www.norton.com/setup.

What are the steps to establish a successful Norton Setup via www.norton.com/setup?

There are certain steps to be followed for establishing a successful Norton Setup and these steps are as follows:-

  1. In the first step, you have to visit Norton official website i.e. norton.com/setup and login to your Norton account.
  2. Click on the “Download” option available on the site. Make sure you choose the Norton security product wisely before downloading it.
  3. It is recommended to choose a free trial of Norton product if you are a new user, in case you are already associated with Norton antivirus and have an account then you have to just purchase or renew the product.
  4. Now, wait for the download to complete. Once the download gets complete you have to open the downloaded file. Search the Norton file visible in the “Download files” option and then open it.
  5. Agree all the terms and conditions that are visible on-screen and then click on the “Install” option to proceed further.
  6. In this step, you have to wait until the installation process completes. Once the installation process gets completed, you have to visit the link given on the Norton product package or in the email associated with the Norton account.
  7. In the link, you have to enter the Norton product activation key that has 25 alphanumeric characters. The activation key is allotted to you once you have purchased the product; it tells the user that the product which they are using is completely authentic and protected.
  8. Now, click on the “Activate Now” option to activate the product completely.
  9. Wait for the activation process to complete.

Know the easy steps for manual or automatic renewal of Norton subscription via norton.com/setup

To renew your Norton subscription is very important as you stay protected with uninterrupted security services offered by Norton antivirus. Norton offers you a variety of security products for your devices that will enable you to build a defensive fortress against viruses and cyber-attacks. With this, it is needful to know the renewal of such security programs is very important.

Norton Error

It is recommended to keep your Norton antivirus program updated and on auto-renewal mode as if you manually renew it and for instance you forget you renew the subscription then your device is prone to have viruses and cyber-attacks. Below are the steps mentioned for both manual and automatic renewal procedures. Go through both of them and choose the best suitable method for your device.

Before one month of your product expiry, the credit card enrolled with your account get automatically billed. This is how the Auto-renewal works. You can also go through www.norton.com/setup if you face any kind of issue or error.

How to manually renew the subscription of your Norton products?

In case, you dismantled the auto-renewal mode of your Norton subscription, you will get a notification a month earlier before your subscription expires. Follow the steps to renew your subscription manually:

  1. Go to “norton.com/myaccount” and sign in to your account
  2. In case, you don’t remember the password of your account, then you can select “Forgot Password”
  3. After you access your account, go to the section of product license and click on your Subscription plan
  4. Press “renew” tab
  5. If prompted, then type the billing details of your Norton product and get your subscription renews manually

How to enable automatic renewal option of subscription of your Norton products?

  • Go to the www.Norton.com/setup
  • Sign in to your Norton Account
  • Go to “Norton My Account”
  • ct the Auto-renewal option and then, configure the settings
  • Press the tab “Enabled” if Norton’s auto-renewal mode is switched off. It will immediately turn-on the mode
  • Click “Save”

Through these steps, you can easily  renew your subscription by following any of the steps mentioned above. During the process of renewal, you might face issues that are quite difficult for you to deal on your own. In such a case, you can seek the technical support of Norton Customer Support Services.