Tactics to lessen the Gravity of DoS Attacks

A Denial-of-Service attack could hit your internet services real hard by taking advantage of misconfigured network systems. A DoS attack possesses the power to use malware-infected systems and target a single critical system. This cyber attack interrupts the network connectivity that results in denial of service on the part of users.

A normal DoS attack has taken the shape of a more advanced, composite and complicated attack known as DDoS- distributed denial of service. The intention of the hackers is to target code-hosting-services. The hacker is motivated to do so for the promotion of a political or social cause. Denial of Service attacks includes two types of attacks i.e. flooding attacks and crash attacks.

Crash attacks and flooding attacks explained

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A crash attack takes place when a hacker sends bugs that take advantage of a flaw in the targeted system resulting in the crash of the system. On the other hand, flooding attack takes place when the targeted system is crowded with a large number of networks which is not easy to handle by the server.

Crash attacks and flooding attacks come in the way of genuine users and restrict them from accessing online services. They also make the crucial data vulnerable to hacking and give way to cybercriminals to access the information required to accomplish their objectives.

4 methods to consider for prevention of DoS attacks

If you frequently use websites to run your business, then it a must for you to have the ample knowledge of securing yourself from DoS attacks.

  1. Recognize the attacks- make use of technology or anti-DoS services as a precaution against DoS attacks.
  2. Get help from your Internet Service provider- in case your system seems to be under the attack of DoS, you should immediately get in touch with your Internet service provider so that he can reroute the traffic.
  3. Examine black hole routing- ask your Internet service provider to use “black hole routing” so that excessive traffic can be turned to zero. Use the service which can easily manage the massive traffic among a network of servers as this will nullify the effect of an attack beforehand.
  4. Configure routers and firewalls- it is mandatory to keep a check on the router and firewalls to manage bogus traffic.

These methods prove to be of great help in blocking the threatening data.

How Norton and Symantec prove helpful in reducing DoS attacks?

Symantec comes along with DoS protection that provides significant protection against the destructive DoS attacks. Implementing Symantec protection is quite easy as it does not require any hardware or software on the part of your hosting provider or application.

Symantec’s complete website security offers complete defense against multiple DoS threats such as- spoofing, zero-day DDoS attacks, brute force attack, and more. The probability of becoming a victim of DoS attacks is comparatively low if you operate on a smaller scale.

Wrapping up-

It is advised to keep your Operating System, security software, and applications up-to-date if you want to work smoothly. Always make use of a router that comes with built-in DoS protection. Taking precautions can make a huge difference to your web security.

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