How to download Norton antivirus security on Mobile devices?

As we, know that day-by-day cyber attacks are increasing and infecting our devices with the help of viruses, malware, ransomware, and malicious activities. In order to protect your mobile device, you must have an antivirus on your mobile. Norton mobile security is the best antivirus to protect your mobile device as it automatically scans and fix the issues found. To protect your device install Norton mobile security application.

Norton mobile security is a package of features that protects our mobile in multiple ways. Norton provides protection to your business data as well as personal data. To use Norton securities in your mobile phones then follow the steps below:

How to download Norton security in your mobile phones?

Norton provides new users to protect your device. Below are the steps to download free Norton software in your mobile phones:

  1. Open your play store
  2. Search Norton mobile security
  3. A list will appear on the screen. Choose one
  4. After the selection of the application click on ‘install’
  5. Installation will start
  6. After installing the application
  7. Open Norton application you will be asked to allow the access to secure your device
  8. Log in with your Norton username and password
  9. Now your Norton application is ready to secure your mobile phone
  10. It will automatically scan and fix the issues

Your Norton mobile security application successfully downloaded and installed

You can download Norton mobile security application by following these steps. In case you perform any misstep or your net connection is slow then an error may occur in downloading the software. Norton provides 24*7 customer support service from which you can take help in any issue or information related to Norton software or application.

Some key features of Norton mobile security to enjoy the protection of your mobile device.

Key features of Norton mobile security

Norton mobile security software is an award-winning antivirus now available with ransom protection. With the help of cloud-based feature, it analyzes and protects your device against malicious activities.

  • Provides Wi-Fi security to your mobile- With its advanced scanning feature, it helps you to detect and notify about the unsecured. Also protects your device from hackers who try to steal your personal data. Some more features:
  • It keeps your device away from risky websites and gives you warning alert
  • Manage to secure the digital life for kids also
  • Helps to manage your password with its key password manager feature
  • Encrypts your sensitive data stored in your device protected
  • Provides you free customer support, as they are available 24*7 for you. They help you to fix your problems related to Norton mobile security easily
  • One more special feature is there in Norton mobile security, which helps to keep fraud and thefts away from your device and data. As it has identity theft protection feature in it
  • Norton mobile security optimizes the performance of your mobile security application by automatic scanning of your device and fixing the issues found

Norton provides free trial for your mobile security but after 30 days, your free trial will be over and to continue with your Norton mobile security application you have to take a paid subscription. For the paid subscription, you have to enroll your card to make payment. If you face any issue then take help from the customer support service.

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