Evolvement Of The Banking Trojan Malware From Trojan To Threat Distributor

Emotet, a program of banking Trojan malware that extracts financial information by invading into a computer and implementing the code is in the run since past many years. The evidence shows that the threat group behind Emotet, Mealybug has progressed from keeping its custom banking Trojan to control as a key distributer of the threats for the other groups.


The group of threats plays a big role in committing cyber crimes and is active since 2014. It has came into notice that mealybug has changed its behavior and approach in recent time. Earlier, the cyber crime actor wan into making banks its main target, but now has evolved to use its infrastructure to work as a universal packing and delivery service for other threat actors. It has the ability to self-propagate, Emotet or its group of threat spread an explicit type of challenge for organizations.

The security software organization, Norton released a report a month back mentioning that the Network worms have been under a kind of recovery, with prominent examples like WannaCry and NotPetya. Users who access online banking and other financial accounts, need to have an activate version of Norton setup on the respective device.

Banking Trojan malware becomes a threat on a global level  

The Mealybug was initially affianced in employing Emotet spread of banking Trojans and from the records of previous years, it was primary group to spread IcedID – the banking cyber crime actors. Now, it has developed its potentials and come as an end-to-end service for spreading the threats. Mealybug not only perplexes the data but also eliminate the chances of coming into notice while providing a huge spread of threats, which enables them for self-propagation.

The evolution in the Emotet includes the PowerShell or JavaScript so a user can download it easily without doubting it.

How does it work?

Once on a computer, the latest version of Emotet made the moves as below:

  1. Shifts itself to its preferred index
  2. Generates a file in LNK extension aiming itself in the start-up folder
  3. Accumulates user’s device information and sends it to the C&C server

After implementing the actions, it can download any new payloads from the C&C server afterward. The malicious download would help it to and execute the all the data. The risk has increased and every user needs to have Norton Setup for better protection of your device. By synchronizing your Norton account with the device, you will be able to receive all the protection alerts.

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