How to identify Spyware on your Smartphones?

Are you are encountering an issue where your phone is responding slowly or you are receiving strange calls or text messages? Then this might be a case where your phone is infected with Spyware. To know about this, you can check the app menu on your phone or plug-in to your computer and if you see unwanted apps then there is a Spyware. However, there are some malicious apps that are hidden. For such apps, there is a need to download antivirus software. There are many antivirus companies that offer a mobile version of their software.

Symptoms that show your Smartphone is infected by Spyware

  • Lack of Battery life: In case you see your battery is dying at a faster pace then there is a possibility of an app operating in the background.
  • If you notice strange behavior: It is advised to observe the behavior of your phone when you are not using it. Sometimes, using an infected app can access your phone and control its behavior and hence you will experience strange noises that make the screen flash.
  • Hearing strange sounds: If you are hearing odd noises on your phone that it can be an indicator that your phone is infected by the Spyware.
  • Receiving Weird text messages: This is the case where you receive random symbol text and numbers that are sent via spyware apps.
  • Using a large amount of Data: If you see high data usage and you are not using any data in actual, then there might be a condition where you experience Spyware apps are running in the background.
  • If you feel your phone starts to heat up: The moment you notice that you are not using the phone but still it is heating up, then Spyware app is running in the background.

Note: – If you are experiencing such symptoms then it is clear that your Smartphone is infected by Spyware. And hence, you need an antivirus that will protect your phone from spyware hits.

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Choose apt Antivirus software

It is always important to choose an appropriate antivirus solution for your Android phones such as Norton antivirus. The android phones have more choices of antivirus as compared to the iPhone. The Norton mobile security is free software that scans and protects your phone from the known Spyware attacks. It is one of the most recommended and trusted security software used across the globe.

Antivirus for iPhone

There are not many choices when it comes to selecting an antivirus for iPhone. With Norton Mobile Security for iOS you will get complete protection against spyware attacks.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

So, be it an android device or an iOS, there is a need to have an antivirus as it provides you programs with comprehensive functions to block the spyware attacks and build a defensive fortress against the hits from variants of the virus, malware and Trojans hits on both online and offline mediums.