Introducing Norton Security 7.7 update for Mac

Symantec Company is going to release Norton Security 7.7 build 120 update for Mac via LiveUpdate. To download this new update, you simply need to run Live Update.

Tips– To implement this updates, Mac reboot is required.

For the verification, the updates are in hand, so by installing the ‘Main User Interface’, select on the option ‘Help’ as well as on ‘About’.

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Check out some of the Frequently Asked Question’s which addresses to common issues related Norton setup Security 7.7 build 120 update for Mac –

  • How can I download Norton Security 7.7 Update?
  • This patch is available through Live Update.
  • What are the languages Norton Security 7.7 Update is available for?
  • To all the supported languages.
  • What’s trending?
  • Under ‘Product Settings’, Norton Community Watch is available.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Please note- If you haven’t purchased Norton Security 7.7 for Mac then you don’t have to worry as you will get the updated version, on the time of purchasing.

If you have purchased Norton Security 7.7 for Mac from then you need to update, manually.

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