How to resolve Norton extension error on Mac?

If you recently updated, or reinstalled the latest version of Norton and cannot find or communicate with Norton extension in your browser, you need to manually install the Norton extension in your browser.

Currently, Norton Safe Web and Norton Password Manager of Norton setup extensions are available for Mac. Depending on your version of Mac, you can fix the extension communication issue.

If you receive a message saying, “The Norton extension for a web browser cannot communicate with the Norton Security application”, you can easily fix this problem with the precondition by making sure that you have installed the latest Norton version on your Mac. To install the latest version of Norton, visit from your web browser.

Steps to fix the issue

Run Live Update-

  1. Open Norton security suite.
  2. Click open, when you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security.
  3. In the main window, click Live Update.
  4. When the Live Update finishes, close all programs and restart your Mac.

Manually remove Norton Legacy extensions-

If you have Safari-

  1. Start Safari.
  2. From the menu, click preferences.
  3. On the extension tab, select Norton extension.
  4. Click uninstall.

If you have Firefox-

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Open the menu and click Add-ons.
  3. On the extension tab, click the Norton extension.
  4. Then, click Remove.

If you have Chrome-

    1. Go to Google home.
    2. Tap the Customize and control Google Chrome icon.
    3. Click More Tools and go to Extensions.
    4. Select the Norton extension and tap the trash bin icon.
    5. Click Remove to confirm your action.



Enable Norton extensions in your browser

  1. Open the Norton extensions.
  2. In the main window tap settings.
  3. Click Safe web.
  4. Click the arrow icon next to your browser to launch the extension page in your browser.
  5. Follow the prompts to install the extensions.

In case you are still having trouble, try to uninstall and reinstall the Norton.

Uninstall Norton


  • Tap the Norton product icon and move it to trash.
  • Type your administrator account name and password when asked.
  • Click OK to confirm.


Install Norton


  • Sign in/ Sign up to your Norton account.
  • Click Download Norton in the Get started page.
  • Click ok to save and open the setup file.
  • Double click the Norton product installer when the download finishes.
  • To start the installation, click Agree and Install.
  • Complete the instructions process.


If Norton cannot fix the problem with the feature, or cannot run Live Update or a scan, you may see a different error in the Fix Now window which you can fix by following the simple procedure or ask Norton community of customers and product experts to resolve the issue.

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