Norton Setup Account – Login | Manage or Setup Norton Account

Norton, a renowned name in the industry of antivirus solution manufacturers has always met user expectations. By visiting a user can avail all the services and products offered by Symantec. These products allow a user to add an additional layer of security to their computing devices with its built-in features and high-tech solutions along with providing the users with unmatchable threat detection features.

Once installed, the antivirus make sure that no virus can enter your device and those who have already entered the same (with an intention of corrupting your software or stealing your confidential data) are fixed immediately. To get indulge in all the further processes required to avail any of the Norton products, it is required to create a Norton Account via The Norton Account helps in managing the following:

Steps for Norton Account Sign up or Register

  1. 1) Visit
  2. 2) Hit Sign in button available at the top-right corner
  3. 3) Choose the second tab, Create an Account
  4. 4) Provide the following information in the given fields
    1. a) Email Address (Make sure this email is not registered with any of your other Norton accounts) and then Confirm it in the next field
    2. b) Create a secure password (A combination of numbers and letters)
    3. c) First Name and Last Name
    4. d) Mobile Number
  5. 5) Click Create Account
  6. 6) It’s done!

Steps for Norton Account Sign In

  1. 1) Visit
  2. 2) Click Sign in button available at the top-right corner
  3. 3) Enter the registered email ID and password and hit Sign in
  4. 4) You can now access your Norton account!

Forgot Password? Steps to recover your Norton Account Password via

For Norton Account password recovery, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. 1) Visit official website of the Norton
  2. 2) Click Sign in button available on the top-right corner
  3. 3) Below to the Sign in box, you will see a link for Forget password
  4. 4) Enter the registered Norton Account email address
    1. a) Make sure you can access that email at that moment
  5. 5) You will receive a Norton Account password reset email
    1. a) To find that email, log in to your email account
    2. b) Search for that email in your inbox
  6. 6) Click on the Norton My Account password recovery link
  7. 7) Reset the password by following the on-screen instructions
  8. 8) You can now access your Norton Account with the newly created or generated password
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