Enter Norton renewal key and Extend your Norton Setup subscription

Note that this article will guide you how to enter the renewal code of your Norton product to extend its validity. Execute the instruction to the latest version of Norton Setup. For users who have an older version of Norton product or if are unable to find out their product version may visit Norton.com/Setup for support.

Offering a big range of product, Norton antivirus has been securing data and devices since past many decades. It should not be strange for a user to encounter issues while installing or operating security software. Though Norton products are providing offline and real-time security, it is important to keep the subscription updated in order to maintain the security.

Users who are having trouble with renewing their Norton product to extend its subscription may refer to the instructions below.

How and where to locate your Norton Renewal key to extend subscription?

Step 1: Redeem the Norton renewal code for the product you have

  • Primarily, you need to find your renewal code, to begin the process. You will receive a mail for renewal code of your Norton product on the registered email address. If you don’t find the mentioned email, check your spam messages box, the mail might get dropped in the spam section.
  • If you have purchased the product via an offline retail store, find the package and you will get Norton renewal code inside the package, in case the key is not working, connect to Norton customer support.
  • In a case, when you purchase Norton renewal code without a Norton product then you are required to first withdraw the product that key belongs to. It is possible that you will get the information via the confirmation email for your subscribed purchase. Make sure that the renewal code you have received has at least one-day validity. As you determine your Norton product, download the free trial version and install Norton setup on your device. Skip step 2 if you want to use the renewal code.

Step 2: Open an updated web browser and go to Norton.com/Setup

Step 3: Login to your Norton Account

Step 4: Place the subscription renewal purchase and press the order number

Step 5: Copy the renewal code or save it

Step 6: Type or paste the subscription renewal purchase and then again click on the order number

  • The renewal code you will receive will be of 19 characters in an alpha-numeric manner for example – DA24PF92MCVPD09P24X

Step 7:Type your Norton subscription renewal code

Step 8: Launch your Norton setup

Step 9: In the home page, go to the Help section

Step 10: After you are directed to the Help center window, go to Account Information that is at the bottom-right section of the window

Step 11: Click Enter product key or Norton Product key

Step 12:Confirm the key and click Next to proceed

  • You can also find the Norton product key in your Norton account visiting to Norton.com/Setup and check for the confirmation email or your Products hard disk retail card package.

Step 13:Follow the instructions displayed on the screen

Step 14: At the end of the process, review your Norton subscription detail and click Done

Your Norton product subscription has now been renewed. If you encounter any error while performing any of the steps or you could not find your Norton product key, please connect to Norton Customer Support.

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