How to protect yourself from cyber-stalking?

Will you feel good if you get to know you are being watched by somebody all the time? This is what cyber-stalking means. A person is being followed and kept an eye upon by the other person via social media. Nowadays, there are many people who do not give it a second thought while sharing their personal details on social media platforms. But, this habit of people might cost them something they have never imagined.

How does cyber-stalking take place?

This serious crime takes place by the use of technology because it is dominant in our lives in so many ways. Technology has made it possible to have a conversation with everybody no matter in which corner of the world he is. There are various devices on which you just need to use an application like Facebook or WhatsApp and start your conversation.

Apart from having a conversation with the other person, you can also share your images, and even do video calls with them. You can do all of such activities within a few seconds. But, there are people in the world, who misuse this lightning-fast technology to gain access to the user’s account and to track them all the while. The stalkers use such platforms to harass and startle a person who becomes their victim without even getting to know about it. This happens because they are being stalked secretly. Other than using social media platforms, they stalk the other person with the help of emails, messages, phone calls, etc.

Ways to stay safe from cyber-stalking

Here are a few anti-cyberstalking tips to help you stay safe from such criminal activities so that you can stay alert and protected:

  • Think before allowing access- this plays a major role in side-stepping the threats they may enter our lives. Be extra careful while giving permission to access the hard drive of your computer. Securing your smartphones and the software present on it should be the first step towards safeguarding yourself from online crimes.
    • Do not forget to log out- ensure that you do so because doing this is a good practice if you want to prevent unauthorized access on your computer. You should also use a strong password on your PC as well as on smartphones. Make your kids learn these habits too.
    • Use strong passwords- if you are good at password managing then you are one step closer to managing your online security.
  • Do not make your events public- if you let the cyber-stalker know about your whereabouts then you are going to get into serious trouble. He may use this information for his benefit.
  • Use privacy settings- apply security settings to your date of birth, location, origin, etc. because sharing such stuff online can become troublesome for you in the long run. Use such settings in all your accounts at every social platform you are using.
  • Think before posting photos- make sure you turn off the location while sharing your photograph and also ensure that it is only visible to your trusted ones whom you know personally.


Apart from the tips mentioned above, you should use security software. There are specific products developed by Norton such as Norton360 with LifeLock, that can be access via By using this software you can easily stop spyware from being installed onto your system. It also allows you to detect it resulting in minimized possibilities of being cyber-stalked. If you have ever shared your passwords with somebody, then you should change them immediately because anybody could turn out to be evil anytime.