How to schedule a Norton Scan on your system?

Norton security software automatically detects the condition of your system and runs the quick scan on it. You can choose a full system scan, quick scan, and for the custom scan as per your preferences.


Norton setup gives you the freedom to schedule the custom scans as per your choice. You decide of your choice how frequently you wanted to run the scan (Daily, weekly or monthly) and presented with additional options.

You can also schedule the scan to run in specific time intervals (hours or days).

Note- Norton setup also lets you select the multiple dates if you wish to schedule a monthly scan.

Check out the steps to schedule a custom scan as listed below-

  1. Visit the link.
  2. Double-click on the ‘Security’ option in the Norton main window
  3. Click ‘Scan’
  4. Under ‘Scans and Tasks’, in the ‘Scan’ window, click on the option ‘Custom Scan’.
  5. Select the option ‘Go’.
  6. In the ‘Scan’ window, click on the edit icon in ‘Scan column’, which is next to the custom scan, you wanted to schedule.
  7. In the ‘edit Scan’ window, on the ‘Scan schedule’ tab, do any one of the following-
  • If you don’t wish to run the scan at a suitable time but you wanted to keep the scan options by keeping the scanned items saved then go for choosing ‘Don’t schedule this scan’.
  • Select the ‘Run’ at a specific time interval to run the scan at the specific time intervals.
  • Select the option ‘Daily’ to run the scan at the specific time.
  • Select the option ‘Weekly’ to run the scan on a specific day on a week.
  • Select the option ‘Monthly’ to run the scan on a specific day on a month.

Note- The frequent options contain the additional options that are used to refine the schedule.

  1. Under the option ‘Run the scan’, do the following-
  • Check ‘Only at the idle time’ to run the scan only at an idle time.
  • Check ‘only on AC power’ to run the scan when PC is connected with the external power source.
  • Check on the option ‘Prevent standby’ to prevent the system from going to the sleeper or standby mode.
  1. Select the state at which the system should be after the scanning gets over, under ‘After scan completion’. And the options are-
  • Stay Active.
  • Shut down.
  • Sleep
  1. Click on the option ‘Next’.
  2. Select the option ‘Save’ in the ‘Scan options’ tab.