3 Security Steps With Norton For Better Protection Against Cybercrime

While mentioning of Norton antivirus, this first thing pop in our heads is the high-level protection. The global antivirus software has been people’s favorite since past many years. Yet, there are users who are unaware of the benefits of the software and why do they need it?


If you are concerned about losing your data and hard-earned money, there are certain security measures you need to take. Below are the 3 most essential security steps to take with Norton for better protection against Cybercrime.

Secure your network

Most of us now have the access to the internet for daily use whether surfing for information or looking for entertainment sources. Users choose to set up a Wi-Fi network for personal use. While setting up a Wi-Fi network, regardless of its use, make sure to secure it with a strong password. If the network is not secure, your private data is more likely to access by hackers easily.

You just need to turn on Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2) encryption protocol. Use a router that provides firewall protection. One of the most trusted antivirus security brands, Norton has previously launched its wireless router for secured internet access. Know your devices

Install an activated security software

Above all the security needs, you must have an antivirus installed on your device. Even when your computer is in the connection of Wi-Fi network, which is safe, the router might not be able to offer you sufficient protection against some sort of malware that could infect your computers.

Since all the users want to have topmost, antivirus on their computers or laptops, they can completely rely on Norton antivirus security software. The global security software allows its users to set multiple layers of protection even when they are offline. As you install Norton setup on your computer, from that very moment, the software starts monitoring your activity on web pages and warns you about any malicious download or web search.

For those who already have Norton setup installed on their computer’s, keep paying your attention to your subscription. Visit Norton.com/setup to renew the product in order to continue the data protection.

Secure your smartphone

Setting a password to lock your phone is not the only thing you need to do while showing your concern towards data security. You must install Norton antivirus for Android or iOS. There are uncountable apps available on the play store that can literally destroy your phone’s potential power and extract all the sensitive data.  Moreover, you expose your device to risks when sharing data with your friends via Bluetooth, social media messages, or apps developed for sharing. While receiving data, you may end up saving a highly infected file on your mobile phone that has the ability to corrupt the software.

With these basic ideas of security, you can protect all of you sophisticated data from ill-intentioned actors. Before you install Norton setup on your device set its router, make sure you create a Norton Account to go through all its offered products.

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