Services resumed by State govt. after severe Ransom attack

Due to the random online “Ransom” attacks in the Louisiana state, multiple state agency websites are unable to work and many of the state workers are unable to access their accounts online or surf the internet.

This random attack had happened recently and affected many as there was clearly no access to internet services in the state.

According to an admin of OMV automobiles, the attack appears to be severe where the state was jerked by a “Ransomware” attack. Later this assumption was confirmed by the department of OTS (Office of Technology Service) of the state.

The elaborated scenario of the “Ransom “attack

The sources further elaborated on the whole scenario, saying the attack took place around 11 a.m. where it affected the state agency websites to a forced shutdown situation. Along with which the access to the internet and the email went off. John Bel Edwards (The Governor of the state) explains that the OTS right away initiated the security protocols and to build a defensive fortress against the attack, decided to take down the state servers, and that’s what affected the emails, websites, online applications and services of many State agencies.

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Not only this, even the registered and authorized websites of Office of the Governor, Louisiana State Legislature, OMV, and Department of Corrections were also affected. Moreover, the large-scale effect has prevented the OMW workers to do most of their activities and functions and the customers were ready to shift their services.

What do hackers do in the Ransom attack?

The online scammers of the ransom attack have the capability to easily block the access of any user to their respective computers. And they do it by encrypting it unless the victim becomes helpless and agrees to pay a monetary ransom to protect his/her account.

The OMV admin explains the ransomware attack, says that such attacks include a Ransom in return. Once the user account is hacked he will become the victim and then there will be no other option but to pay the demanded amount or the Ransom. However, the State governor Mr. Edwards tweeted recently and said that the state did not pay any ransom amount to the hacking programmer. Generally, you have to pay the ransom amount once you have installed the affected program. In order to remove the virus from your device, you have to pay some money to the attacker.

Dealing with after-effects of the attack

Due to the attack many of the business deals were interrupted in any of the regions of the state’s 79 OMV locations. According to one of the workers at the Louisiana Department of Health, there were clear-cut instructions to disengage their respective computers from the connected network. Moreover, some of the trucking service companies in the respective state had to restrict their services and had to keep them off the roads as they were unable to process many things. The truck service companies were unable to track down, not able to visit the DOTD website and unable to take out the print puts off the important things such as online weighing permits.

Explaining the situation to the general public

The attack issue was put across to the public by Jacques Berry (Spokesman of Division of Administration) later and he said that there was a system issue and the statement was not much elaborated. He then added that no personal data was on the stake. Adding this Edwards said that due to the active response of the State’s Cybersecurity team the state was able to fight back such severe “Ransom attacks.”