Why should you keep your software updated?

People are usually in a habit of ignoring the pop-ups that tell them about the availability of software updates. When these pop-ups appear on the screen of our laptop, tablet, or mobile device we get frustrated with them and instead choose the “Remind me later” option.

But if we do this, we are unknowingly giving way to certain problems, although minor.

This article highlights the points that one should keep in mind whenever he sees pop up that asks you to update your software.

Although you can choose to be reminded later, do it as soon as possible. If not, then you might have to face the consequences because keeping your device up-to-date is the need of the hour. It benefits a user by providing digital safety as well as cyber-security.

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Need for having software updates and patches

There are many reasons why software updates are considered necessary and some of them are given below:

  • Achieve more with software updates– since they provide a user with ample benefits, one must have it on his device. These repair security holes and also fixes or restricts bugs from entering your system. You also get the benefit of embedding your device with the latest features and help you get rid of the older ones. On top of that, by doing this you ensure that your device is running the latest version of the Operating System.
  • Patch security errors/flaws– scammers have a habit of looking for security flaws in a user’s device so that they can infect it with threats and viruses. Sometimes, we overlook the security holes in a software program or operating system. In this scenario, hackers take advantage of it and encrypt the target’s system making it vulnerable to hacking. When this happens to your device, it may start to behave strangely or some websites may open automatically or some infected program may start running on its own. Hence, one should keep his device updated to keep the security holes away from hackers’ reach.
  • Help in the protection of data– since your device is the hub of everything you do on it, it contains crucial documents, files, images and so on. A person would never want to lose his data or give access to anybody else. Hence, it is recommended to update your device whenever it prompts you to do so as your data can be compromised on the dark web.


An infected device may infect other devices too in case your device is infected with a virus. It is possible that the virus can be passed to other devices as well. When you connect a USB to an infected device, the USB is sure to get infected and when the other person plugs it in his device, his device will also get a virus. For dealing with such situations, you can deploy Norton 360TM via Official Website on your device. Also, it is suggested to not to ignore the update reminders because it may cost you a lot.