How to solve Network & Internet Connectivity issues caused by Norton 360?

Norton users have the advantage of the protected device and the data stored in it. Even when you are not paying attention while accessing the internet or sharing data, you eventually expose your devices to countless unknown risks. Whereas activating Norton setup users stay secured against cyber risks and losing private data and hence it is necessary to have a strong antivirus installed on your phones and other devices.


On the other hand, the security software also becomes the cause of errors when a user tries to access any app or other tasks. One of the errors that occur frequently is the connectivity problems with network and internet.

After installing Norton Setup on your computer, their many changes need to be done. However, it all depends on a user about the kind of changes he or she wants. When facing internet or network connectivity problems, it is suggested to follow the procedure as described below.

Steps to fix internet & network connectivity errors caused by Norton setup 360:

  1. Click on the Norton icon to launch the software on the screen
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Under the Settings section, click Firewall option
  4. Now, go to General settings section available right next to the Smart Firewall option and the Turn of the settings
  5. From the appeared drop-down menu, in the Protection alert pop-up window, click Apply
  6. Choose Permanently option to continue
  7. To save the settings, click OK and close the Norton tab

To confirm if the setting changes you made is working or not, go to  and examine if you are facing the same problem as before. Make sure you have a stable internet connection or your device has suitable software to connect with other networks.

Keep your Norton setup updated and to avoid any fatal error. Else you will need to connect with Norton customer support to get respective solutions.

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