| norton setup | – Norton antivirus has been providing security measures to people worldwide by creating products using latest technologies. From online to offline protection, Norton has made a number of products of every use whether you have the internet connection or not. Not only personal computers, but data of big and small organizations can be saved and kept safe using Norton Antivirus for any particular use. On an addition, the antivirus software can be accessed on multiple devices and operating systems be it Windows, iOS, Androids or Macs. Protect your device against online malicious activates, viruses, phishing, and many other risks. To access advanced Norton security features, purchase any product depending on your requirement and activate using Norton Product key. If you are an existing user of Norton Antivirus and wishing to upgrade Norton product, say from Norton Security Standard version to Norton Security Premium version, you need to uninstall the older version to eliminate the risk of software conflicts. Check in to the control panel in the section of programs and features and if you find any existing Norton security software, choose to uninstall it before installing another one. Having two different Norton product in a system may result into slower performance and sluggish behavior. To avoid the problem, follow steps mentioned below.

How to uninstall Norton antivirus from your PC?

  1. Press Windows Icon + R key together or type Run in the search option by click on the Windows icon to open Run Dialogue Box
  2. In the Run dialogue, type in appwiz.cpl in the space and click OK
  3. You will see a list of programs that are currently installed in your system, select the Norton product and click Uninstall or Remove
  4. If User Account Control window shows up, click on Continue button to proceed
  5. Follow the instruction displayed on the screen
  6. Once the uninstallation is done, Restart your computer
Now, proceed to follow steps to install and update Norton product on your system.

How to download and install Norton antivirus via

  1. Open a web browser and type in the link
  2. When prompted to Norton main page, click on the Sign in Option available on the Top-right corner of the page
  3. Enter your login details related to your Norton Account. If you do not have a Norton Account if you do not have any by clicking on the option available right next to the sign in option
  4. After login in to your account, go on to the Norton Setup window and click Download Norton

If you have a Norton subscription and the product is yet not registered to your account, click on the option of Enter a new product key

  1. Enter Norton Product key carefully and proceed by clicking Submit button
  2. You will be directed to Agreement and License page, make sure you read and click on agree & Download
  3. Take step according to the web browser you are using
  • Click Run if you have Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser
  • If you are using Firefox or Safari browser, find and press Click option available on the top-right corner of the page. Now click on the Download option to check downloaded files and open the file you have recently downloaded.
  • For Chrome users, you will find a new bar appeared at the bottom of the page, click on the downloaded file and proceed to follow next step
  1. Click on the Continue button if ‘User Account Control’ window comes out
  2. Follow the guidelines displayed on your screen

After performing all the steps mentioned above, your Norton Antivirus is now installed successfully on your device. However, there are users who switch their devices on a very frequent basis so they need to reinstall the antivirus software for security purposes. It is possible that many users find it difficult to reinstall Norton setup to a new device, or in another case, if you have restored your system, you may learn how to reinstall Norton after system restore. Follow the instruction to reinstall Norton antivirus in such case.

How to reinstall Norton setup?

Please note that if you already have any product from Norton antivirus, make sure to uninstall Norton antivirus before performing these steps.
  1. Open a web browser and either copy-paste the link or search for Norton Remove and Reinstall tool (clicking on the link will auto-download the file)
  2. Find the location of the file and Double-click on the downloaded file
If you could not find the file location, press CTRL + J on the web browser page and in the download list, find and open the file
  1. The file is in NRnR icon, run it as administrator
  2. The above step will redirect you to the License and Agreement page, read and then mark agree
  3. An enabled option to Remove & Reinstall button will appear, click on the key and carry on to the next
(Depending on your service provider, it is possible that you see Norton product’s Remove button only)
  1. Click Continue/ Remove
  2. When prompted, Restart your computer after finishing Uninstall Norton process by following on-screen instructions

Reinstall Norton Setup

  1. Browse the link and Norton Product Key page will appear
  2. Click on ‘Enter a product key’ and you will be prompted to create account page/ login page
  3. Enter your details and login to your Norton Account

After logging in to your Norton account, find Norton product on the top menu, select your product, and enter the Norton Product key. Once the step of entering Norton product key is completed successfully, you are now eligible to download you subscribed Norton antivirus software. Keep the security software updated and your device secured.